Earning Rewards

We here at AVT Express love to offer great deals.  One of the ways we like to offer our customers savings is by earning and redeeming rewards points.  It is so simple (and rewarding) to sign up.

Create your account if you haven't already and pat yourself on the back. You just earned 200 points.

Now that you are all signed up, it's very easy to earn more points. You can purchase merchandise off of AVT Express (10 points earned per $1 spent), refer a friend (500 points earned per each friend who buys), and follow us on Twitter (25 points). 


By now you may be asking yourself, "So how do I redeem these points?" 

There are three ways to redeem.

500 points gets you a $5.00 off coupon.

1000 points gets you a $10.00 off coupon

2500 points gets you a $25 off coupon.


And it's no secret. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  Referring a friend is possibly the most rewarding way to earn yourself some points.   


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