AVT Express

Portable Power Bank 20000mah Capacity Battery

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Great for Emergency and Travel situations

  • This power bank is ideal for emergency and travel situations, providing you with the ability to power your phone or tablet up to 6 times!

Slim Design and Light Weight

  • Makes storing the bank easy with it's slim design. It can fit with your items in your backpack and purse!

LED Battery Level Indication

  • Simply glance at your power bank's battery life to determine when it is rare time to charge the battery!

Great for College Students

  • Its slim and lightweight design makes this an awesome accessory to have when charging up on the train or bus while commuting to your school.  
  • No need to fight for the only outlet in that deserted part of campus where your Psych 101 class is located - Just plug in your devices and watch your classmates grow with envy

Dual USB Configuration!

  • Charge two devices at once!